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Hall of Famer: ‘I’ll be shocked’ if Patrick Mahomes doesn’t start against Packers

When Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes returned to practice Wednesday, less than a week after his kneecap was dislocated, some believed it was for show.

That line of thinking was Chiefs coach Andy Reid simply wanted to throw off the Packers, who will be at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday night to face Kansas City.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter thinks that’s ridiculous. Carter believes Mahomes was at practice for one reason: to prepare for Green Bay.

“I’ll be shocked if he’s not under center on Sunday,” Carter said Thursday on “First Things First” on Fox Sports, “especially after participating in a Wednesday practice that you don’t have to. He could have easily sat out Wednesday, Thursday and said, ‘I’m going to test drive it on Friday,’ which is the normal routine. ...

“There ain’t no decoys on Wednesday.”

Carter said NFL players don’t want to miss games because the season is so short and many don’t have guaranteed contracts.

“This is what the greatest football players to ever play this game, this is what they have done,” Carter said. “The reason why the league is what it is, in this brutal sport, guys have played through being injured ... that’s what the league is made on. ...

“There’s nothing like being a pro football player. You only got 16 dates and the players don’t want to miss.”

Carter then talked about how he played through injuries and how aches and pains plague him to this day.

“But was that worth it? Absolutely,” he said.

Here is Carter talking about Mahomes:

Carter’s partner on the show, Nick Wright, believes it would be a big mistake for the Chiefs to play Mahomes against the Packers.

“There is no chance whatsoever, no way whatsoever, they should put Patrick Mahomes out there Sunday night,” said Wright, who is a Chiefs fan. “I don’t think there is anyway whatsoever they should put him out the follow Sunday against Minnesota ...

“Under no circumstances can you put Patrick Mahomes on the field against that Green Bay pass rush, with the Chiefs’ beat-up offensive line, with his ankle still injured ... 10 days after a kneecap dislocation.”

Here is Wright’s counterpoint:

Former Chiefs offensive lineman Jeff Allen took issue with Carter saying he liked that NFL players don’t have guaranteed contracts because it forces them to play through injuries:

Here is video of Mahomes at practice on Thursday:

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