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Five things to know about Mike Cox, the former Chiefs fullback

In a video for Bleacher Report, former Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles said he had been hazed by former teammate Larry Johnson.

While talking about an event he says happened in the Chiefs locker room, Charles also said Johnson had slashed the tire on the car of Mike Cox.

Remember Cox? He ended up blocking for Charles for a few years. Here are five things to know about the former Chiefs fullback:

1. Cox appeared in 39 games with the Chiefs from 2008-10 and he rushed for 4 times for 3 yards and a touchdown. That score came in the Chiefs’ 44-24 win at Denver on Jan. 3, 2010. Cox also caught 22 passes for 125 yards. He is not to be mistaken for Michael Cox, a running back with the Giants in 2013-14.

2. After leaving the Chiefs, Cox played two seasons with the Atlanta Falcons and appeared in three playoff games with that team. Cox played in 17 regular-season games with Atlanta. He told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution he had three shoulder surgeries and will need to have shoulder-replacement surgery.

3. Cox was familiar with the state of Georgia because he played for Georgia Tech in college. In four seasons from 2004-07, he appeared in 47 games but ran the ball just 10 times for the Yellow Jackets.

4. After his playing days ended, Cox went back to Georgia Tech to get his degree in marketing.

5. You can book Mike Cox to record a personalized video.