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Jamaal Charles has wild tale of wanting to fight Larry Johnson in Chiefs locker room

Oh to be a fly on the wall in the Chiefs locker room in 2008.

Running back Jamaal Charles was a rookie that year and said that he was hazed by teammate Larry Johnson. The revelation came in a conversation Charles had with Master Tesfatsion of Bleacher Report.

After forgetting to bring lunch to Johnson (as rookies were supposed to do), Charles returned to the locker room after a practice and found his clothes in the shower. And the water was flowing.

Furious, Charles said he wanted to fight Johnson (included hitting him the head with helmet) but calls to his mother and girlfriend helped dissuade Charles from that idea.

Instead, Charles gave his clothes to an equipment person to dry off and never again forgot to bring lunch.

“I was just sitting down with my little towel on, my little towel with my little stool,” Charles said in the video.

That wasn’t the worst thing Charles claims Johnson had done. Weeks later, Michael Cox, another Chiefs rookie, found a tire on his car had slashed by Johnson.

It’s a wild story and Bleacher Report shared the video:

Charles retired earlier this year after signing with the Chiefs.