For Pete's Sake

Take a look at the colorful changes made to Arrowhead Stadium’s field for Chiefs game

This is a golden oldie that most Chiefs fans are going to love.

In a nod to Municipal Stadium, their first home in Kansas City, the Chiefs broke out the gold paint for the end zones at Arrowhead Stadium ahead of Sunday’s home opener against the Baltimore Ravens. noted that when the franchise moved to Kansas City ahead of the 1963 season, owner Lamar Hunt set out to make some improvements at Municipal Stadium, including “dressing up the old place with colorful endzones — unique for their time.”

Legendary groundskeeper George Toma was up to the task. Landscape Architect said Toma put ice skating rink paint on the field for Super Bowl I, and it’s likely that’s he used at Municipal.

The colorful field made an impact on fans.

In an essay for Rich Henning wrote: “Those colorful Municipal Stadium fields painted by Mr Toma (with the Chiefs’ logo and helmet at midfield and the end zones painted up in red and gold) were a real treat for the eyes (and the forerunner of all modern football filed designs).”

You can get a look at the gold end zones in the video above. Here is a video the Chiefs shared that also shows the helmet logo at midfield (instead of the arrowhead):

A poll at Arrowhead Pride found a whopping 96 percent of fans like the gold end zones.

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