For Pete's Sake

Royals’ Alex Gordon calmly stole a home run from Oakland’s Jurickson Profar on Monday

When fans think of the best fielding players in baseball history, a few names spring to mind instantly:

Brooks Robinson at third base, Willie Mays in center field and Ozzie Smith at shortstop.

Can we just go ahead and add the Royals’ Alex Gordon in left field to that list?

Gordon has won six Gold Glove Awards in his time with the Royals, and he has a league-best 98 assists in left field since moving to that position in 2010.

During the Royals’ 6-5 win over the A’s on Monday night in Oakland, Gordon made another stellar play, taking a home run away from Jurickson Profar.

Gordon calmly caught the ball at the wall and made it seem much easier than it was. Here is the video from Fox Sports Kansas City: