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Chiefs share cool video showing Patrick Mahomes’ view on pass to Travis Kelce

Pity poor Bengals safety Shawn Williams.

He was tasked with covering Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce on Kansas City’s first offensive play of Saturday night’s preseason opener against Cincinnati at Arrowhead Stadium.

Kelce hauled in an inch-perfect pass from Mahomes for 36 yards down the sideline on that particular play.

Williams, as you can see in this video, wasn’t exactly sure where the ball was when Kelce had it in his hands:

“(W)e worked on that all training camp all last year,” Mahomes told reporters after the game. “It’s him getting open in man coverage and I have to put trust in him that he will get open and I’m going to put it out there and he made a great catch on the ball and kind of got the series going.”

On Sunday, a day after the Chiefs’ 38-17 win, the team shared a video that showed how things looked from Mahomes’ perspective on the play.

If you weren’t already amazed by what Mahomes can do, this video may seal the deal. It’s a cool view of the pass:

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