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ESPN announcers crush Grayson Allen as he’s ejected from summer league game

Former Duke star Grayson Allen melted down Thursday during an NBA summer league game, drawing two flagrant fouls in a span of 7 seconds.

Allen’s play for the Grizzlies in their contest with the Boston Celtics led to harsh criticism from ESPN announcers working the game.

Ryan Ruocco said, “It mystifies me how anyone can defend what he does when it happens time and time again.”

“It’s just tiresome. Duke defended him ad nauseam and enabled him and now it just continues,” Dan Dakich said. “Truthfully, it’s just exhausting.”

After Ruocco noted that there is physical play in the NBA that led to Allen’s first foul, Dakich responded: “It happens at a Sunday rec league game at your local YMCA.”

He later added: “It’s everybody else’s fault. It’s never poor Grayson.”

After the official told the announcers of Allen’s first flagrant foul, Dakich gestured that Allen should be ejected.

He got his wish 7 seconds later when Allen picked up another flagrant foul.

“Ah, get him out of the game,” Dakich said as the announcers watched a replay of the foul.

Ruocco said: “I mean, it’s absurd.”

Here is a clip of what happened:

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