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Chiefs rookie explains why Blues’ Stanley Cup win is so important to St. Louis

Chiefs rookie Khalen Saunders was unapologetic.

After the Blues won Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final by beating the Bruins 4-1 in Boston on Wednesday night, Saunders happily tweeted about the championship.

Saunders was born in St. Louis and played at Parkway Central High School in Chesterfield, Missouri, so his ties to the city are strong, even if he didn’t often tweet about the Blues before the playoffs began. But Saunders tweeted a message to those who may have said he was jumping on the bandwagon. It gets to the heart of why this championship is important to St. Louis.

Because the tweet includes a curse word, I’ll just link to it and present an edited version: “PSA: i see all these bitter fans saying ‘yall don’t even watch hockey now all of a sudden its Go Blues!’ HELL YEA IT IS. If you not from STL then you dont understand. We get (dumped) on for 95% of the year for being a violent city. But if we have something to unite over.. its LIT!”

Here are some of the other tweets from Saunders:

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