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Chiefs’ Sammy Watkins says his body feels so good, it’s like he’s in college again

Chiefs wide receiver Sammy Watkins was limited to 10 games last year because of a foot injury. It was the fifth straight season that Watkins didn’t play in a full season, and the second time in three years that he’s missed at least six games.

But on Saturday, Watkins tweeted that he expects the 2019 season to be his best since coming into the league in 2014.

He wrote: “I will be the best this year mark my word I want it more now than I ever did before in my life im sacrificing everything to get to where I once was the world will now get to witness my greatness again..! #STARSHIP14 #LIMITLESS14”

On Monday, Watkins was on SiriusXM NFL and discussed how he’s feeling. Watkins, 25, said he feels like he’s back in college.

“I think now, I’m settled there. I know the offense, I know the coaches,” Watkins said. “I know everyone in the organization is supporting me, so I’ve got to give my all. This offseason has just been good to correct my body on the things I need to correct, and the Chiefs staff has been great with this, helping me tremendously with my body.

“I think this year I feel like I’m in college again. Or high school. My body is just holding up right. I just feel like this is the best time right now for the next — I don’t know how long I’ll play — but the next six to eight years, is giving my all. Putting my heart, my soul, my energy, my spirit in the game, I just feel like the success will start coming once I change my attitude about it.”

Watkins, who caught 40 passes for 519 yards and three touchdowns in his first season with the Chiefs, is having fun again.

The host asked what inspired Watkins’ tweet.

“Just the work I’ve been putting in,” Watkins said. “The confidence I have in myself and knowing that my body just feels amazing, just knowing that my body is holding up. That I’m constantly getting faster, stronger, better, and I’m getting the support from my team, from my teammates and the organization. I feel like the fans and everyone, the support I’ve been getting, it can’t go wrong. ...

“Even if I don’t have a great year, I feel like it’s a great year because I’m out there doing something I love and I’m blessed to be on the field. I can say I want 1,500 yards and 15 TDs, but for me, it’s just about being out there and being able to compete and put that helmet on. I’m honestly grateful, because I’ve been hurt three years and had catastrophic injuries and been out and haven’t played. So me being on that field running around, blocking, catching balls, communicating, joking, having fun, that’s what it’s about for me. I think I’m getting back to that kid again that’s just out there playing and having fun, shakin’ and bakin’ and catching balls.”

Here is the conversation, which was shared on Twitter:

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