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St. Louis fan could win $100,000 if Blues are crowned Stanley Cup champions

It’s rare when a sports fan has a chance to make some serious money if their favorite team wins a championship.

But Scott Berry of St. Louis is set to win $100,000 if the Blues beat the Boston Bruins and win the Stanley Cup for the first time. In January, the Blues had the fewest points in the NHL and now they’re four wins from being crowned as the league’s best team.

Coincidentally, Berry was in Las Vegas in January, as he told ESPN, and made a $400 bet on the Blues to win the Stanley Cup Final. Berry got 250-to-1 odds at the Caesars sportsbook at Paris Las Vegas and stands to win $100,000.

“I bet with the heart on this one,” Berry told ESPN. “Before I hit my flight I decided that had I been here gambling I probably would’ve lost around $500, so I pulled that out of the bank account. My max withdrawal was $500, so that was all I could take out. I put $100 on the Cardinals at 15-1 and dumped the rest on the Blues.”

Not long after, the Blues caught fire, winning 11 straight games to shoot up the standings. They made the playoffs and beat Jets, Stars and Sharks in the postseason.

Darren Rovell of the Action Network said Berry has been offered money for his ticket from PropSwap, which buys betting tickets when the outcome has yet to be determined.

Berry told Rovell that he texted his friends after placing the bet. Berry’s friend Brendan Chapel, who was in Las Vegas, put down $200 on the Blues to win. Chapel’s wife had urged him not to make the bet.

But now?

“She’s now the biggest bandwagon Blues fan,” Chapel told Rovell.

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