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Stanley Cup Final pairing means it’ll be Jim vs. Pam from ‘The Office’

Most fans of “The Office” loved the romance between Pam and Jim.

Their story had a rocky beginning, but there was a great wedding episode and they ostensibly lived happily ever after.

However, the actors who played the couple might be feuding on social media for the next couple of weeks. That’s because Jenna Fischer (Pam) grew up in and around St. Louis, while John Krasinski (Jim) was born in Boston.

So, yeah, with the Blues playing the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Final, those two are going to be at odds.

Earlier this month, Fischer showed her love of the Blues before a pivotal Game 7 against the Dallas Stars:

Krasinski tweeted this after the Blues beat the Sharks on Tuesday night:

And this:

Fischer responded to Krasinski’s tweet:

NBC Sports Boston found this applicable clip from “The Office:”

Fischer loved that tweet:

By the way, here is when Pam and Jim “announced” their relationship on “The Office:”

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