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NFL Network hosts think Patrick Mahomes can throw a ball 100 yards (and maybe farther)

All eyes will be on the Chiefs pregame workouts on Nov. 18.

That’s when the Chiefs will face the Chargers in Mexico City, and pregame will be the perfect time for Mahomes to see if he can throw a football the length of the field.

On Monday, Mahomes mentioned that possibility during his talk on the “Pardon My Take” podcast.

That comment was the focus of a “Good Morning Football” discussion on the NFL Network. Could Mahomes actually throw a ball that far?

Nate Burleson said unequivocally yes. He mentioned how Daunte Culpepper threw a pass 75 yards while on a knee.

“If I saw a guy throw 75 yards with my own eyes on one knee,” Burleson said. “Yes, I do believe Pat Mahomes can throw 100 yards.”

Kyle Brandt said no, but Peter Schrager is a believer.

“If he gets some air and distance on this thing, we’re talking 100,” Schrager said. “I say yes. He could throw 120.”

Here is their chat:

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