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Patrick Mahomes on why he believes he can throw a football 100 yards in Mexico City

The Chiefs are going to get a second crack to play a game in Mexico City this fall, and well, NFL fans could see something that has never been done before.

While talking on the “Pardon My Take” podcast that was released Monday, Mahomes was asked about how far he could throw a football at Azteca Stadium.

“Probably 100 (yards),” Mahomes said.

The hosts, Dan Katz and Eric Sollenberger, were incredulous.

“Yeah, I got to like 80, 83 in Denver and then you have to times it by two because it’s like 2 miles above altitude,” Mahomes added. “So I can handle the extra 20.”

Azteca Stadium is 7,280 feet above sea level, which is roughly 2,000 feet higher than Denver. The Chiefs’ game against the Rams last year was scheduled to be played at Mexico City, but was moved to Los Angeles because of poor field conditions.

The Chiefs will face the Rams on Nov. 18 at Mexico City, so fans could be in for a show.

Mahomes, who was joined by fullback Anthony Sherman on the podcast, touched on a lot of subjects. Here are the highlights.

On his love of ketchup.

“It’s actually gotten a lot better as I’ve gotten older. When I was younger, I used to eat ketchup sandwiches, just bread and ketchup. That is disgusting.”

Mahomes ate that sandwich every other day. He even tried ketchup on spinach.

“I’m from Texas and people are all like obsessed with their steaks. I’ve definitely been at a few nice restaurants where I’ve gotten a steak and asked for ketchup, and the chef comes out and asks what’s wrong. If I’m ordering this expensive steak, I’m ordering it the way I want.”

The hosts joked that Mahomes’ no-look throw at Denver featured bad mechanics.

“My mechanics were never really great. I do a lot of wild stuff. The coaches kind of are on that point where they’re like, ‘We need to kind of calm it down a little bit but we can’t let him not be himself,’ so it’s kind of that high and low that you have to kind of work with. I work with them all the time and if I can, I try to stay good with the fundamentals, but sometimes I just get kind of wacky there.”

On the idea of a Madden curse.

“There was apparently a curse that we couldn’t win playoff games in Kansas City and we broke that one. Me and Anthony are curse breakers.”

On if there is more pressure this season.

“I think the biggest thing is there is not added pressure, it’s the pressure we put on ourselves and that’s the Super Bowl. We know we were so close this last season. Didn’t find a way to win the game, but you have to find ways to win those big games and get to the Super Bowl.”

On Alex Smith’s help.

“If I would do something in practice, he’d be like, ‘Hey, man just try it this way? It helped me out when I was that age and it helped me out when I was a young QB.’ ... He was the best guy, not even the best kind of leader or football player but he’s the best guy and I think that just rubbed off on me on how to be a professional quarterback.”

On Dee Ford’s offside call in the AFC Championship Game.

“I didn’t even think about that in the locker room. People make a big deal out of it, but it’s one play. The offense scored no points in the first half, because we were struggling. ...

“I got sacked in the first half and took us out of field goal range and that right there changes the whole game. It speaks to there is little stuff that happens throughout a game that change the whole narrative of the game in the end.”

How many touchdowns will he throw in 2019.

“Enough to win the Super Bowl. As many touchdowns as I can throw that will help us find a way to win the Super Bowl will be awesome.”

Sherman’s TD prediction for Mahomes.


Sherman joked about Mahomes being in the offense.

“There’s no clear routes in this offense any more. We’ve come out to find out that anyone at anytime could (have) the ball be thrown to.”

Here’s an exchange about the Pro Bowl MVP car that Sherman lobbied to receive in Mahomes’ place.

“Yeah, I didn’t get that car by the way. I still have yet to see it or drive it,” Sherman said.

Mahomes: “It hasn’t come in yet. I told him he can ride shotgun permanently.

Sherman: “I did tell him (Tom) Brady would have given me the car if it was him.”

Mahomes talked about coach Andy Reid’s imitation of his voice, his ability to pooch punt and more. You can listen to it here.

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