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Ian Kinsler says he was cursing at teammates, not Padres fans, after hitting homer

It’s been a rough season for Ian Kinsler, who is batting under .200 for the Padres.

Some San Diego fans apparently haven’t been happy with his play and have let him know it.

That’s noteworthy because after Kinsler hit a three-run home run Thursday night that proved to the difference in San Diego’s 4-3 win over the Pirates, he had a really nice bat flip and then dropped an F-bomb after circling the bases.

You can’t blame this on reading a teleprompter* so some viewers took this to mean Kinsler was unhappy with San Diego fans.

*Anchorman reference, of course

Here is the home run and bat flip:

Lip readers seemed to agree there was an F-bomb here:

Kinsler, the former Mizzou star, said after the game he was trying to fire up his teammates and wasn’t directing his comment to the fans.

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