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Oakland A’s turned what ‘may be the greatest double play you’ve ever seen’

This went in the scorebook as an 8-2-4 double play. It went in the memory bank as one of the strangest twin killings in recent memory.

The Oakland A’s turned the double play Sunday afternoon in their game against the Toronto Blue Jays, and the 8-2-4 double play wasn’t a first. But the manner in which it happened might have been.

Toronto’s Justin Smoak was at first base when teammate Teoscar Hernandez crushed a pitch to center field. Oakland outfielder Ramon Laureano robbed Hernandez of a home run and fired the ball back to first in hopes of turning the more traditional 8-3 double play.

Instead, Laureano’s throw sailed over the head of Oakland first baseman Kendrys Morales. Smoak took off for second, but A’s catcher Nick Hundley got the ball and threw to second to catch Smoak.

So, that’s an 8-2-4 double play.

The A’s announcer said: “That may be the greatest double play you’ve ever seen.”

Take a look:

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