For Pete's Sake

This company’s K-State Big 12 championship T-shirts put focus on end of KU’s streak

This is the T-shirt equivalent of trolling.

A company called BreakingT is selling T-shirts that recognize the Big 12 championships for Kansas State and Texas Tech with this tagline: “The Streak Is Dead.”

That’s clearly a reference to Kansas’ 14 consecutive conference titles that came to an end.

On its website, shirt-maker BreakingT says it “helps fans connect to the players and teams they love by memorializing the best moments in sports with fun, clever t-shirts — in real-time. We’re documenting history, one shirt at a time.”

The K-State and Tech shirts are missing the words Big 12, but they include “2018-19 Conference Champs,” and a description of the shirts says: “The 15-year reign is over, and now there are new champs on top.”

The Wildcats’ shirt includes the word “Emaw.” The K-State fan blog, Bring On The Cats, shared photo of the shirt:

The Texas Tech shirt also includes the words “2018-19 Conference Champs” as well as Tech’s “4 to 1” hashtag.

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