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Former Chiefs star Tamba Hali says neighbors shun him because of color of his skin

Tamba Hali is going through his first fall and winter without playing professional football since joining the Chiefs in 2006.

Hali, the former Chiefs linebacker, is continuing his music career and hinted on social media that he would be open to returning to Kansas City as a coach.

As for life in Johnson County, well, Hali doesn’t seem content.

On Sunday, Hali tweeted about his dealings with some of his neighbors, indicating that relations haven’t been pleasant and that he believes the reason is because he is black.

Hali began by tweeting: “I’ll say life after football is eye opening.”

Hali then tweeted: “’I’m not sure if its racist, I’m black by the way the only black person in the cul-de-sac. I’ve made efforts to wave or say hi to (treat your neighbors as you love yourself). Shockingly these folks who are not black people refuses to say hi except my JEWISH NEIGHBORS.”

He added: “I’ve lived here 14 years.”

Hali said neighbors have entered his property to ensure his vehicles have updated tags. He tweeted: “Two months ago another neighbor made their effort to come in my yardcheck my cars out find which one that isn’t registered and went to some code office and reported that a car was not registered in my drive. #Petty”

Hali added: “STOMACH TURNS watching you do your best rendition avoiding eye contact or even pleasantries as neighbors. I know people claim to do charity work in Africa, but quick to turn head when sees African man. I never thought my skin color causes this much tension.”


Someone tweeted that they’d invite Hali to neighborhood functions. Hali responded: “I wish the world was this way right now but it’s sad to watch so much grieve knowing you’re hated because you look different.”

Hali, who at age 10 moved to the United States as civil war raged in his native Liberia, tweeted: “Am I for the second time again feeling like I don’t fit in.”

He added: “I’ll pray and hope people start to see we have less than a hundred years here. So long people want to act like they bought this country. So long they want to look down on people. You’ll realize it’s a reflection of their character. We are humans. NOT black yellow purple WHITE”

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