For Pete's Sake

Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes breaks down that epic no-look pass in talk with NBC

How’d he do that?

In the hours and days after the Chiefs’ 27-24 win over the Ravens on Dec. 9, that was a question football fans across the country were asking.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes had thrown an amazing no-look pass to Demarcus Robinson against Baltimore that wowed everyone.

Here are two looks at that pass in case you had forgotten or just wanted to see it again:

Mahomes talked with Peter King of NBC Sports about the play and revealed that he had made a mistake at the start of the play, sending receiver Gehrig Dieter in the wrong direction.

All’s well that ends well, and while Mahomes and King were talking, Mahomes casually tossed a ball that hit a garbage can without looking.

King tweeted that Mahomes did that in one take:

Oh, by the way, Mahomes received a bottle of wine for being on target to the garbage can.

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