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NFL Network host on Patrick Mahomes’ throw: ‘He is a gift from the football gods’

How many times have you watched the video of Patrick Mahomes’ 69-yard touchdown pass to Tyreek Hill in Friday’s preseason game?

I’m guessing that has been seen thousands of times by Chiefs fans, and that’s a cautious estimate.

Peter Schrager of “Good Morning Football” on the NFL Network was still gushing about the pass on Monday morning. Schrager has long been a Mahomes enthusiast, and he was over the moon about The Throw.

“If you see me blushing, it’s because I’m in love,” Schrager said. “I’ve found love. I have my wife Erica, but I have a second love. His name’s Patrick Mahomes. I’m in love. ...

“If you logged into Twitter on Friday night, you would have thought this was as big a cultural moment Friday night as man walking on the moon or the Beatles visiting Ed Sullivan. Here is the secret, something I have been trying to tell all of you: It might be like this every single Sunday, because Mahomes is a freak and that arm is a cannon and that he is a gift from the football gods.”

Schrager didn’t stop there, but you can see what he said here (and just for kicks, watch that throw again):