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Don’t like those ‘Dilly Dilly’ commercials? You’re not alone

COMMERCIAL: ‘Dilly Dilly!’

If you can’t count on a friend to bring Bud Light to the party, then that’s not a friend you can count on. Courtesy of Bud Light.
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If you can’t count on a friend to bring Bud Light to the party, then that’s not a friend you can count on. Courtesy of Bud Light.

There’s been no escaping it.

Bud Light began running its commercials with the tagline “Dilly Dilly” last fall, and it has swept the nation. The commercials remain hugely popular, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger worked it into his cadence, and “Dilly Dilly” banners have been spotted at sporting events.

The New York Times wrote about its impact on sports:

The ad was one of six produced by Wieden & Kennedy, an advertising agency, and executives at Budweiser say they gravitated to it immediately. But no one anticipated how much “dilly dilly” would spread, especially in the sports world.

Seemingly every N.F.L. touchdown was greeted by cries of “dilly dilly” on social media. And fans tweeted that players who performed poorly should be sent to the pit of misery.

The fifth installment of the commercial was released Thursday and the sixth will come during the Super Bowl. And, yeah, people will be saying “Dilly Dilly” for at least a few more weeks.

The second installment in the 'Dilly Dilly!' Super Bowl Trilogy starts with our King leading his crew into battle in pursuit of more Bud Lights for the realm. Courtesy of Bud Light.

However, “Dilly Dilly” has not been a universal hit. There is small but vocal group of people who haven’t shied away from saying they dislike the commercials and/or the catchphrase.

A Reddit user wrote: “It’s been bothering me awhile now. It’s so stupid, and has seemingly taken over the country. Budweiser must be super proud of itself for coming up with a phrase people seem to want to say... but I hate it. That is all.”

“I hate ‘Dilly Dilly’ and put it up there with the ‘WAZZZZZZUUUUPPPPP’ guys,” was the start of a Facebook post from a radio station in Minnesota.

A Texas Tech message board includes a thread titled “I hate and despise ‘dilly dilly.’ ” An Iowa State message board thread is titled “Dilly Dilly Needs to Die.”

Here is what people are saying about “Dilly Dilly” on Twitter:

▪ “As if I needed more reasons to hate Bud Light, this ‘Dilly Dilly’ garbage is my least favorite thing about this entire football season”

▪ “I really don’t know how something as stupid as Dilly Dilly has become this popular”

▪ “Hot take: ‘Dilly Dilly’ is the worst commercial of at least the last decade.”

▪ “Dilly, Dilly has jumped the shark.”

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