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Former Chief Ross Travis writes farewell message: ‘thank you for being the best fans’

Former Kansas City Chiefs tight end Ross Travis.
Former Kansas City Chiefs tight end Ross Travis.

The Chiefs released tight end Ross Travis on Monday, and he signed with the Indianapolis Colts.

It seems that Travis doesn’t harbor any hard feelings for his former franchise. Travis, who appeared in 17 games over the past two seasons after joining the Chiefs in 2015, wrote a message to the team and fans and posted it on Instagram.

(Warning: there is one word that might upset some people)

“Chiefs Kingdom! Playing at Arrowhead is an experience I’ll never forget, thank you for being the best fans we could ever ask for and showing up each and every game to cheer your asses off!” Travis wrote.

“I can’t thank the Kansas City Chiefs organization enough for taking me in and helping me grow as a player in this league. I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunity & for the relationships I’ve built over these past 3 years.”

Travis also had a message for someone he called Milk Shake:

“Day one you took me in under your wing and helped teach me about the game of football. Not only have you been a great mentor, but someone I can call a brother. Blood couldn’t make us any closer.”

Here is that Instagram post:

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