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Royals’ Terry Bradshaw has fun stories of being mistaken for former NFL quarterback

Terry Bradshaw and Terry Bradshaw.
Terry Bradshaw and Terry Bradshaw.

The memes started shortly after the Royals announced that Terry Bradshaw is their new hitting coach.

Of course, the Royals didn’t sign the former Steelers quarterback who won four Super Bowls and is now a television commentator. But there were GIFs of that Bradshaw after the Royals’ news was released.

The Royals promoted the former St. Louis Cardinals outfielder who played in parts of the 1995 and ’96 seasons. This Terry Bradshaw has been the Royals’ minor-league hitting coordinator for five seasons.

The Royals’ Terry Bradshaw, however, often has been mistaken for the former Steelers great. In 2011, Bradshaw told Dick Kaegel for an story that he’d gotten items mailed to his home that fans wanted autographed for years. He recounted that a fan sent him an action shot of the other Bradshaw and asked for an autograph.

“I mailed it back with a note,” Bradshaw said. “I said, ‘Right guy, wrong sport.’ 

Bradshaw played in 34 games in his big-league career, and once made a trip to Pittsburgh. Guess what happened? While Bradshaw was staying at the Cardinals’ team hotel in 1996, he had contact lenses shipped to him. Someone in Pittsburgh added a special message on the package for Bradshaw.

“They’d written all over it, ‘Great job in the Super Bowls.’ ‘We love you, man.’ ‘Thanks for the four Super Bowls.’ They thought it was the quarterback,” Bradshaw told Kaegel.

During that trip, Bradshaw had a four-hit game against the Pirates at Three Rivers Stadium.

“And at the bottom of the scoreboard, they put, ‘And not the quarterback,’ ” Bradshaw told Kaegel.

You can read that story here.

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