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Lorenzo Cain’s son adorably suffers from stage fright in postgame interview

Cameron Cain decided not to sing.
Cameron Cain decided not to sing.

These are somber days for Royals fans as five key members of the 2015 World Series championship team are set to become free agents at the end of the season.

On Tuesday night, the Royals were officially eliminated from the playoff chase, meaning the end is coming sooner than fans would have hoped. A great number of them took to social media on Tuesday night to share their feelings about the end of the era.

But center fielder Lorenzo Cain, one of those players who will be a free agent, may have come up with the perfect perspective for fans: Hakuna Matata.

That’s a song from the movie, “The Lion King,” and it means no worries. Apparently, Cain’s son Cameron sings it a lot.

After the Royals beat the Tigers 2-1 on Tuesday, Cain was being interviewed, and Cameron was on his lap. Cain asked his son if he would like to sing. Just as it seemed Cameron, who turns 3 next month, would start, he paused and then declined the invitation.

It was really cute.

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