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Yes, the McDonald’s kid from the Royals commercials finally changed his shirt

The commercial was starting to get on the nerves of Royals fans.

McDonald’s has started a new partnership with the Royals this season, and it includes a deal if the Royals turn a double play in a game. McDonald’s has been running commercials during broadcasts of Royals games and they feature a boy named Bobby and his mother.

The lesson is you don’t change your Royals shirt because it could mess with a streak. Here is one of the commercials:

The “you don’t mess with a streak” quote really hit a nerve with some fans, particularly as the Royals were on a nine-game skid.

McDonald’s in Kansas City obviously heard the complaints, because this is what they tweeted before Monday’s game.

The Royals finally won on Monday night, beating the White Sox 6-1 and McDonald’s again poked fun at itself with this tweet:

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