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Jason Sudeikis told a great story about meeting Blue Jays’ Jose Bautista

Actor Jason Sudeikis has been making the rounds on the late-night television shows to promote the film “Colossal,” which I have not seen but appears to be part monster movie and part comedy.

You may recall that Sudeikis had Stephen Colbert try burnt ends from Joe’s Kansas City earlier this month. On Monday, Sudeikis was on “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” and their chat turned from the movie to sports. Specifically the Royals.

Sudeikis said the movie was shot in Vancouver, and he told a story of being in that city during the American League Championship Series in 2015. You may recall that the Royals beat the Blue Jays in the ALCS.

“I was there for the ALCS,” Sudeikis said. “Not realizing being a Kansas City guy, showing up to a bar, a little wings place, with my Kansas City hat on, that I forgot that the Blue Jays are now more or less the national team for Canada. So I walk into this bar thinking, ‘Oh, it’ll just be me and maybe a couple of Blue Jays fans.’ But no, everybody was a Blue Jays fan, and then me and our pal Rob Riggle, who happened to be working in town, too. Also from Kansas City. He’s bigger than me and a former Marine, so I hid behind him the whole time, ready for some squabbling.

“But not the case when you get two Midwesterners and then a room full of Canadians. No trash-talking. Everybody’s in good spirits.”

Sudeikis also told a funny story about Toronto outfielder Jose Bautista (“Who is not well-liked outside of wherever he’s playing,” Sudeikis noted).

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The two ran into each other during the NBA All-Star Game weekend last year in Toronto. Sudeikis had played in the celebrity game and scored 14 points. Apparently, Bautista had seen that when the two crossed paths in an elevator.

“I was wearing a Kansas City hat and I had just played in the basketball game the night before. ... He’s like, ‘You played a good game yesterday.’ I go, ‘Oh, thank you.’ He goes, ‘I hate your hat.’ I go, ‘Oh, I know you do. I know buddy, I know.’ 

Here is the interview:

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