Chiefs’ Mahomes hurt: Here’s some prognoses, recovery times for a kneecap dislocation

While there’s been no official word on the extent of the injury suffered by Chiefs quarterback on Thursday night, it appeared that Mahomes suffered a dislocation of his right kneecap.

A source confirmed as much to The Star’s Herbie Teope during the game.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid said Friday that Mahomes had undergone a MRI exam but the results weren’t yet available.

Here is some information on a knee cap dislocation and a range of potential timelines for Mahomes’ return.

The technical term is a right patella dislocation, and according to the orthopedics and sports medicine department at the University of Connecticut, the first step would be “immobilization of the knee for a short period of time (seven to 10 days). ... The healing process requires slow mobilization of the knee and the patellofemoral joint (which connects the kneecap and the femur), and full recovery can usually be expected within a three- to six-week period.”

Using that timeline, Mahomes would be out until mid-November to early December.

Former Chiefs offensive lineman Tim Grunhard tweeted that this kind of injury can coincide with torn cartilage.

According to the UConn site, the ligaments that stabilize the kneecap are the most at risk. “The ligaments on the inside of the knee are the most commonly injured as the kneecap slides laterally,” the UConn site notes.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network offered this update on Monday morning, saying Mahomes would have an MRI to determine if there is ligament damage:

Severe cases can require surgery, according to New York Bone and Joint Specialists.

This is from the Bone and Joint Specialists site: “If surgery is required, an orthopedic knee specialist will reset the kneecap and perform a short arthroscopic procedure to remove any dislodged pieces of bone and smooth down any damaged cartilage. As with most sports injuries, surgery will also require 6 to 8 weeks of rehabilitation for proper healing.”

It does appear that Mahomes’ kneecap was put back in place on the field (video from Cody Tapp):

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