Peter King dips into last year’s conference title games for his Super Bowl picks

Pro football commentator and analyst Peter King loves him some Chiefs.

King went with last season’s conference title game losers, the Chiefs and New Orleans Saints, as his Super Bowl teams for 2019 with the Chiefs emerging as champion. He even picked a score: 37-27.

He also projected a MVP repeat season for quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and coach of the year honor for Andy Reid, on “Peter King’s Football Morning in America” on

“Talk to those around the Chiefs, and they’ll tell you that [Patrick] Mahomes the leader, the team-influencer, has been nearly as impressive as Mahomes the player. In the long run, that stuff matters…It’s important to the ethos of a championship team. It’s just another reason I’m picking the Chiefs to win their first Super Bowl in 50 years.

“The prime example of Mahomes the leader came the day after the [Kareem] Hunt news broke…The next day, a Saturday, the Chiefs had to leave for a game in Oakland...That morning, before the meeting, Mahomes asked Reid if he could talk to the players. Alone. Just the players.”

King’s playoff seeds in the AFC: 1, Kansas City, 2. Pittsburgh, 3. New England, 4. Indianapolis, 5. LA Chargers, 6. Houston.

NFC: 1. New Orleans, 2. Philadelphia, 3. LA Rams, 4. Green Bay, 5. Chicago, 6. San Francisco.

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