They’re out to top the Champ Stamp: Check out this couple’s Patrick Mahomes tattoos

Patrick Mahomes will be part of Emilio Sandoval and Chelsea Taylor forever.

The engaged couple from Kansas City sealed their passion for the Chiefs quarterback in ink.

Her tattoo of Mahomes’ determined look is drawn on her right calf.

His skin art takes up more real estate, covering more than half of Sanoval’s back. And he’s not finished.

“We have about six hours in it right now,” Sandoval said. “The plan is do about 30 more hours.”

Eventually, Sandoval’s entire back will be covered in Mahomes.

Taylor’s tattoo was first, a four-hour job that took first place at a tattoo convention.

Sandoval wanted to go big — bigger than when he saw on the Jimmy Kimmel show in July.

A Patrick Mahomes tattoo bond links the Sandovals, Chiefs fans who attended training camp in St. Joe Friday. Blair Kerkhoff

Mahomes was a guest on the show when a Chiefs fan in the audience revealed a “Champ Stamp” tattoo of Mahomes on his lower back.

Mahomes signed the tattoo on the air.

Game on for Sandoval.

Sandoval has tattoos of Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura and Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez on his legs. Why all the real estate for Mahomes?

“He’s everything to Kansas City right now,” Sandoval said. “Even from the time he was drafted. Everything seems perfect around him — every throw he makes, every decision he makes, every time he talks to the media and fans ... everything’s just perfect about him.

“Honestly, he’s who Kansas City’s been waiting for.”

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