Chiefs super-fan, actor Eric Stonestreet excited, nervous for AFC Championship Game

Beginning in high school, Eric Stonestreet and his family had Chiefs season tickets in Section 131, Row 2.

Sunday afternoon, the Modern Family actor will have a little bit different vantage point. He’ll be sitting higher up with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell — but Stonestreet made sure to tell Goodell to dress warmly. They’ll be sitting outside.

For Stonestreet, a Kansas City native and Piper High School graduate, some of his favorite memories in Arrowhead are the cold-weather games. He hopes this year’s AFC Championship Game is the next great memory.

“I start every season of Chiefs football off exactly how I feel right now, which is nervous, measured and jacked,” he told The Star. “Just excited. But this year, it’s different. We’re here and I thought we would be here. But I think we’re going to be here every year until it reveals itself otherwise. So I don’t think I’m different in any way than a true Chiefs fan, which is, we’re behind our team and we’ll be behind them until they lose.”

If the Chiefs win Sunday, Stonestreet is planning to make the trip to Atlanta for the Super Bowl.

“We have had some big disappointments in our lives as Chiefs fans,” he said. “I’ve said today, no matter what happens, this is a huge step forward. We know what this team looks like moving forward. It’s only going to get better. So I’m excited. If we go to the Super Bowl, I’ll be there. And if not, there’s no doubt in my mind we’ll be in the Super Bowl in the next five years.”

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