Chiefs Twitter Q&A: How many snaps will Eric Berry play Thursday night?

Andy Reid says Eric Berry may play Thursday night against Chargers

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid says there may be a chance that Chiefs' safety Eric Berry will play on Thursday night against the Los Angeles Chargers at Arrowhead Stadium.
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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid says there may be a chance that Chiefs' safety Eric Berry will play on Thursday night against the Los Angeles Chargers at Arrowhead Stadium.

Berry Christmas, y’all.

I wish I could say that was a Brooke Pryor original, but I’ve seen it circulating on Twitter this morning, so I can’t claim it. But the sentiment remains: all signs point to Eric Berry playing in a real, live football game Thursday night. I’ve experienced some surreal moments in my (very short) sportswriting career, but I’m already anticipating that this one will be close to the top. Nothing will ever top covering the 2016 NCAA basketball championship where Villanova beat UNC on that last-second shot, but that’s another story for another time.

Anyway, today’s a day to celebrate. The Chiefs are wearing red on red, Eric Berry is (probably) back, and the AFC West division title is a win away. Sure, the weather is terrible, but it can’t all be perfect, right? I’m a sucker for emotional scenes, for moments where you get drawn into a vortex with the rest of the crowd that you can only experience by being there.

I have a feeling that’s going to happen tonight — where years from now, we’ll all be talking about what it was like to be in the crowd for Berry’s introduction, assuming he gets introduced with the starters.

Now that I’ve got you on an EB high, let me bring you down just a smidge. Yes, Berry is probably going to play tonight. But what version of Berry will be out there? Will he be 60 percent? 80 percent? 85 percent? How many snaps will he play? I don’t think he’s going to be the Berry from the 2016 season. But having any version of Berry out there is better than not having him at all.

And now, on to your questions.

Negative 5.

I think so. He’s been with the Chiefs for 14 seasons, and not only has he been great at his on-field duties, he’s also been a stellar locker room guy. He’s been such a major part of guiding the younger guys and stabilizing the team that I think he has to eventually go in the Ring of Honor. Jerrel Wilson is the only punter in the Chiefs’ Ring of Honor, and he was with the team for 15 seasons. Wilson was also named to the Pro Bowl three times. With 14 seasons and two Pro Bowl selections, Colquitt is close to those numbers. If the Chiefs can win a Super Bowl with him on the team, I think he has a good case to get in.

Well he is a superhero fan, so maybe his super power is invisibility? Just kidding. Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce do attract a ton of attention, but they’re also still able to make plays. I think if they were being completely shut down, Conley would end up with a bigger role. They haven’t needed him to take on an expanded role, but the longer Sammy Watkins is out, the more I think they’ll end up leaning on him more and he’ll stop disappearing.

I wish I’d had this question before the locker room closed for the week. But I that’s a good question, and one I’ll ask the guys next time we get a chance. I don’t know if they have a preference, or if they’d tell us if they do. I think they’ll say they just like to block. But you never know until you ask!

If it’s not being measured, it should be. It’ll be deafening.

Not bad enough to keep him out of the game. Andy Reid said as much on Monday, and Hill is listed as questionable on the final injury report. I think he’ll be fine to play, and he’ll still be effective.

I had to phone a friend again for this question because I’m not entirely sure how tie breakers work in this situation. From Lynn Worthy: “it depends on how they end up with the same record. In theory, they could end up with the same overall record but different division records because they each have another division game. It’s also possible one team could lose a division game and win a non-division game, while the other team does the opposite.”

He is, which is something that we didn’t know until after the game. We knew about the shoulder injury, but the hamstring was new. He’s listed as doubtful for the game, but I get the sense that he won’t be playing.

I kind of doubt that Spencer Ware plays, so with that in mind, I think Damien Williams plays 75 percent of the snaps, Darrel Williams maybe 20 percent, and Charcandrick West at 10-15 percent.

Under. He hasn’t had a full practice since August, so I don’t think they unleash him for any more than 20 snaps tonight.

It’s been tough to tell because the locker room has been a lot emptier during the open locker room availabilities during the week. I think it was definitely a shock at first and the locker room reflected that. But now, it’s the new norm and the guys are adjusting to life without Hunt — both on and off the field.

Not super ideal weather, but also maybe not as terrible as initially thought. According to my iPhone, it’s going to be about 38 at kickoff and cloudy. There was rain in the forecast, but it’s not showing up in my hour-by-hour forecast anymore. Then again, I’m not a meteorologist, so maybe bring your rain gear just in case.

Great question, and one that I wish I could answer. I usually stick to the free option in the press box. But I can tell you that I was VERY underwhelmed by the media spread in Oakland. There were fried avocados. I love avocados. I love fried food. But those two things should not be combined. To me, at least, it ended up tasting like deep fried baby food. Gross. However, now that question has been asked, I’ll do my best to scout out the food options in Seattle.

Never ridden ‘em. I’m 5-10 and barely have balance when I’m walking around on my own two feet. My Big Bird self on an electric scooter sounds like an experience that’s headed straight to the emergency room

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