Royals announce 2014 TV schedule

One of Kansas City sports ratings’ hits of 2013 is back for an expanded version this season.

The Royals and Fox Sports Kansas City announced Thursday that 156 of the team’s 162 regular-season games are scheduled to be televised, the most in club history.

Fox Sports Kansas City will air 150 games, and six others are scheduled to air on Fox and Fox Sports 1 as part of the network’s national television package.

Last year, the Royals set a team ratings record, as games on FSKC finished with an average rating of 6.4. The Aug. 13 telecast of a home game against the Marlins produced a 12.3 rating, a FSKC high for a Royals game.

The season average represented a 70 percent increase from the 3.8 average rating in 2012, and the year-to-year increase was the largest in baseball.

Royals’ TV ratings averaged sixth overall among the 30 clubs last year, up from 15th in 2012.

The Royals’ 86 victories were their most in a season since 1989, and fans couldn’t get enough. In the Kansas City market, Royals games finished first in prime time on 45 nights from June through September.

Ryan Lefebvre is scheduled to call 95 regular-season games and one exhibition, and Steve Physioc will provide the play-by-play for 55 games and one exhibition.

Rex Hudler returns for his third season as the analyst, and Royals Hall of Fame pitcher Jeff Montgomery will provide analysis on Royals Live, the pre- and post-game shows, along with host Joel Goldberg.

The televised exhibition games are March 17 against Texas at 8:05 p.m. Central and March 25 against Seattle at 8:05 p.m. Two more spring games will air on MLB Network: March 20 against the LA Angels at 3:05 p.m. and March 22 against Texas, also at 3:05 p.m.

2014 Royals regular-season TV schedule
31at Detroit12:08FSKC
April Opponent Time Network
2at Detroit 12:08FSKC
3at Detroit12:08FSKC
4Chicago 3:10FSKC
5Chicago 1:10FSKC
6Chicago 1:10FSKC
7Tampa Bay 7:10FSKC
8Tampa Bay 7:10FSKC
9Tampa Bay 1:10FSKC
11at Minnesota 7:10FSKC
12at Minnesota 1:10FSKC
13at Minnesota 1:10FSKC
15at Houston 7:10FSKC
16at Houston 7:10FSKC
17at Houston 7:10FSKC
18Minnesota 7:10FSKC
19Minnesota 1:10FSKC
20Minnesota 1:10FSKC
21at Cleveland 6:05FSKC
22at Cleveland 6:05FSKC
23at Cleveland 6:05FSKC
24at Cleveland11:05 a.m.No TV
25at Baltimore6:05FSKC
26at Baltimore6:05FSKC
27at Baltimore12:35FSKC
May Opponent Time Network
1 Toronto 7:10FSKC
2 Detroit 7:10FSKC
3 Detroit 6:10FS1
4 Detroit 1:10FSKC
5 at San Diego 9:10FSKC
6 at San Diego 9:10FSKC
7 at San Diego 2:40FSKC
8 at Seattle 9:10FSKC
9 at Seattle 9:10FSKC
10 at Seattle 8:10FSKC
11 at Seattle 3:10FSKC
13 Colorado 7:10FSKC
14 Colorado 1:10FSKC
15 Baltimore 7:10FSKC
16 Baltimore 7:10FSKC
17 Baltimore 6:10FSKC
18 Baltimore 1:10FSKC
19 Chicago 7:10FSKC
20 Chicago 7:10FSKC
21 Chicago 7:10FSKC
23 at LA Angels9:05FSKC
24 at LA Angels6:15Fox
25 at LA Angels 2:35FSKC
26 Houston 7:10FSKC
27 Houston 7:10FSKC
28 Houston 1:10No TV
29 at Toronto 6:07FSKC
30 at Toronto 6:07FSKC
31 at Toronto 12:07FSKC
June Opponent Time Network
1 at Toronto 12:07FSKC
2 at St. Louis 7:10FSKC
3 at St. Louis 6:15FSKC
4 St. Louis 7:10FSKC
5 St. Louis 7:10FSKC
6 N.Y. Yankees 7:10FSKC
7 N.Y. Yankees 6:15Fox
8 N.Y. Yankees 1:10FSKC
9 N.Y. Yankees 7:10FSKC
10 Cleveland 7:10FSKC
11 Cleveland 1:10FSKC
13 at Chicago 7:10FSKC
14 at Chicago 1:10FSKC
15 at Chicago 1:10FSKC
16 at Detroit 6:08FSKC
17 at Detroit 6:08FSKC
18 at Detroit 12:08FSKC
20 Seattle 7:10FSKC
21 Seattle 1:10FSKC
22 Seattle 1:10FSKC
23 LA Dodgers7:10FSKC
24 LA Dodgers7:10FSKC
25 LA Dodgers7:10FSKC
27 LA Angels7:10FSKC
28 LA Angels1:10FSKC
29 LA Angels1:10FSKC
30 at Minnesota 7:10FSKC
July Opponent Time Network
1 at Minnesota 7:10FSKC
2 at Minnesota 12:10FSKC
4 at Cleveland 6:05FSKC
5 at Cleveland 6:05No TV
6 at Cleveland 12:05FSKC
7 at Tampa Bay 6:10FSKC
8 at Tampa Bay 6:10FSKC
9 at Tampa Bay 6:10FSKC
10 Detroit 7:10FSKC
11 Detroit 7:10FSKC
12Detroit 6:10No TV
13 Detroit 1:10FSKC
14-17All-Star Break  
18 at Boston 6:10FSKC
19 at Boston 6:10FSKC
20 at Boston12:35FSKC
21 at Chicago 7:10FSKC
22 at Chicago 7:10FSKC
23 at Chicago 1:10No TV
24 Cleveland 7:10FSKC
25 Cleveland 7:10FSKC
26 Cleveland 6:10FS1
27 Cleveland 1:10FSKC
29Minnesota 7:10FSKC
30 Minnesota 7:10FSKC
31 Minnesota 7:10FSKC
August Opponent Time Network
1 at Oakland 8:35FSKC
2 at Oakland 3:05FSKC
3 at Oakland3:05FSKC
5 at Arizona8:40FSKC
6 at Arizona 8:40FSKC
7 at Arizona 8:40FSKC
8 San Francisco 7:10FSKC
9 San Francisco 6:10FSKC
10 San Francisco 1:10FSKC
11 Oakland 7:10FSKC
12 Oakland 7:10FSKC
13 Oakland 7:10FSKC
14 Oakland 1:10No TV
15 at Minnesota 7:10FSKC
16 at Minnesota 6:10FSKC
17 at Minnesota 1:10FSKC
18 at Minnesota 7:10FSKC
19 at Colorado 7:40FSKC
20 at Colorado 7:40FSKC
22 at Texas 7:05FSKC
23 at Texas 7:05FSKC
24 at Texas 2:05FSKC
26 Minnesota 7:10FS1
27 Minnesota 7:10FSKC
28 Minnesota 7:10FSKC
29 Cleveland 7:10FSKC
30 Cleveland 6:10FSKC
31 Cleveland 1:10FSKC
September Opponent Time Network
1 Texas 7:10FSKC
2 Texas 7:10FSKC
3 Texas 7:10FSKC
5 at N.Y. Yankees 6:05FSKC
6 at N.Y. Yankees 3:05FS1
7 at N.Y. Yankees 12:05FSKC
8 at Detroit 6:08FSKC
9 at Detroit 6:08FSKC
10 at Detroit 6:08FSKC
11 Boston 7:10FSKC
12 Boston 7:10FSKC
13 Boston 6:10FSKC
14 Boston 1:10FSKC
15 Chicago 7:10FSKC
16 Chicago 7:10FSKC
17 Chicago 7:10FSKC
19 Detroit 7:10FSKC
20 Detroit 6:10FSKC
21 Detroit 1:10FSKC
22 at Cleveland 6:05FSKC
23 at Cleveland 6:05FSKC
24 at Cleveland 6:05FSKC
25 at Chicago 7:10FSKC
26at Chicago 7:10FSKC
27at Chicago 6:10FSKC
28at Chicago 1:10FSKC

: All times Central and p.m. unless noted and are subject to change


: FSKC (Fox Sports Kansas City), FS1 (Fox Sports 1), Fox (WDAF, Ch. 4, in the Kansas City area), MLBN (MLB Network)