Loyal Royals audience: TV ratings slightly up over this time a year ago

Dayton Moore on the state of the Royals

Royals general manager Dayton Moore addressed a variety of topics on Monday.
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Royals general manager Dayton Moore addressed a variety of topics on Monday.

The Royals have arrived at the All-Star break having lost more than twice as many games as they’ve won, same as a year ago.

But the TV ratings have improved.

According to Nielsen Media Research, the Royals have averaged a 4.8 household rating, or approximately 44,000 viewers, on games broadcast by Fox Sports Kansas City. That’s a 4% increase over the same number of games as 2018.

Despite having baseball’s third-worst winning percentage (.330, 30-61), the Royals rank eighth in local market TV ratings.

Since the start of baseball season in late March, the Royals are the Kansas City’s top-rated programming, beating the prime-time averages of all other TV networks in the market.

A year ago, the Royals averaged 4.89 for the entire season, which was sixth in baseball. That figure represented a 42% ratings drop from the previous season. From 2015-2017, the Royals were baseball’s first or second market for local ratings.

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