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Grading Missouri’s 38-17 win over No. 13 Florida and looking ahead to Vanderbilt

Emanuel Hall returns in big fashion for Missouri

Mizzou wideout Emanuel Hall talks about his senior season and losing his father.
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Mizzou wideout Emanuel Hall talks about his senior season and losing his father.

Fresh off the program’s devastating loss to Kentucky, Barry Odom rebounded with the biggest win of his career at No. 13 Florida. Missouri dominated the Gators on both sides of the ball and gave the program its first win over a ranked foe since September 2014. The Tigers are now 5-4 and could be bowl eligible in a week.

Play of the game

Kam Scott’s 41-yard touchdown: There were a lot of nominees for this, but Scott’s touchdown was the nail in the coffin for the game. Missouri’s defense got a stop to open the second half and a touchdown to follow would have given the Tigers all the breathing room they needed. Scott delivered on his lone catch and put Missouri up 28-10.


Offense — A+: Drew Lock had his best game at Missouri, throwing for 250 yards and three touchdowns and every facet of the offense was clicking. Lock had touchdowns from his tight end, wideouts and tailbacks. What more can you ask for?

Defense — A+: The defensive line was a constant presence in the backfield and the secondary was a pest to the Gators’ wideouts. Only allowing 17 points isn’t bad either.

Special teams — A: There were a few botched returns on punt return and some penalties but Tucker McCann made his 40-yard field goal and no big returns were issued. All and all a good day.

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Next up

As Missouri plays Vanderbilt, here are two things the Tigers need:

Get healthy: Albert Okwuegbunam, Tyler Badie and Kobie Whiteside were injured in the game. Kendall Blanton and Adam Sparks didn’t travel because of nagging injuries. Missouri can go 3-0 the rest of the regular season but needs all hands on deck.

Throw to Kam Scott: Scott barely gets the ball thrown his way but when he does he’s electric with it. He had a touchdown on his lone catch Saturday and would have had another last week if it weren’t for a penalty. He’s another weapon for Missouri out there.

Alex Schiffer

Alex Schiffer covers University of Missouri athletics for The Star.

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