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KU-Adidas contract could change following FBI’s college hoops investigation

An agreed-upon contract between Kansas Athletics and Adidas could still change after an Adidas employee was charged Tuesday with bribing college basketball players.

Kansas associate athletic director Jim Marchiony said Thursday that KU Athletics had two considerations with the new Adidas contract as it stands now. For one, the two parties have an oral agreement, meaning details are still being finalized and the document has yet to be written or signed in its final form. The contract was unlikely to be completed soon, as the process of hashing out finer details can take weeks or even months.

But this week’s happenings are a second factor and could potentially add another hurdle.

“There are details that still have to be worked out in the contract. But it’s nothing that would prevent the contract from being signed,” Marchiony said. “The other part of it is continued discussions about the news that has come out this week. We’ll continue talking to Adidas about that, and we’ll see what happens.”

As part of its “Raise the Chant” fundraising announcement, KU revealed Friday that it had agreed to a 12-year extension with Adidas. The new pact — 14 years in total — would provide $191 million in sponsorship and apparel.

That was four days before the Department of Justice charged Jim Gatto, the director of global sports marketing for Adidas, along with nine others in three separate fraud and corruption cases.

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Marchiony said KU Athletics had remained in contact with Adidas while keeping its original oral agreement.

“Time will tell whether this news or any other news will change that status,” Marchiony said.

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