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K-State Q&A: Wildcats in the NBA, football recruiting and Manhattan brunch spots

It’s time for another K-State Q&A.

This one should be fun. I asked for creative questions, and you guys delivered. Let’s jump right in.

When it comes to K-State’s lone remaining basketball scholarship, Bruce Weber has plenty of options.

But you can probably cross that last one off the list. The only reason they might save the scholarship for 2020 is if they strike out swinging.

The Wildcats would prefer to enter the 2019 season with a full roster of 13 scholarship players.

The most likely option might be Nick Blake. He visited Manhattan a few weeks ago and his AAU team in Las Vegas is reporting that K-State and UNLV are his two finalists.

Blake is old enough to sign with either team and play next season or enroll in prep school and begin college in 2020. So it’s unclear where he will end up or when he will get there. But K-State would love to have the three-star recruit on campus this summer.

If that doesn’t work out, look for K-State to monitor the transfer portal and try and add someone that way.

Weber could also discover a player while he is coaching with Team USA this summer in Greece and use the scholarship on him.

Like I said at the beginning, he will have lots of options.

I could Google some names and share what I find, but what fun would that be?

Let’s do this a different way.

Here’s Jacob Pullen hitting a game-winning shot for Cedevita:

Here’s Michael Beasley trying to check into a NBA game wearing the wrong color shorts:

Here’s Rodney McGruder hitting a game-winning shot against Baylor (Hey, he hasn’t played with the Clippers yet!)

But the real winner here is Wesley Iwundu. He’s done enough with the Orlando Magic to get custom shoes from Under Armour.

Look at those things!

Speaking as someone who spends way too much money on UA products, that’s really cool.

Team Snyder vs. Team Everyone Else would be an epic bloodbath.

Yes, K-State has produced some good football players that didn’t suit up for Bill Snyder (Steve Grogan, Gary Spani and Josh Freeman* come to mind), but the vast majority of them belonged to Snyder.

*Definitely not former K-State basketball player Ron Freeman.

You could probably take Snyder’s B Team and beat Everyone Else’s A Team.

But it is fun to think about what that other team would look like. Jordy Nelson, for example starred as a receiver under Ron Prince and not Snyder. Maybe he belongs on Team Everyone Else. Prince also recruited all-star players like Collin Klein and Daniel Thomas. Would they be eligible for the other team?

Gary Patterson helped K-State reach its first bowl game as a graduate assistant. James Franklin coached under Prince. If you made one of them head coach and got creative with the Team Everyone Else roster, it could be competitive for a while. I would watch.

But Team Snyder would still win.

Michael Bishop, Darren Sproles, Arthur Brown, Mark Simoneau, Tyler Lockett, Terence Newman ... I could go on and on here. They would be bringing Ell Roberson, Jake Waters, Alex Barnes and Byron Pringle off the bench. And coaches like Bob Stoops and Mark Mangino would be assistants. That team ain’t losing.

This is an easy one for me.

If $2 million fell into my lap I would purchase a Whataburger franchise and bring my favorite fast-food restaurant to Manhattan, preferably on the west side of town because the east-siders already have Chick-fil-a and Five Guys.

I could die (many decades from now) happy knowing that I was the person who brought Whataburger to Kansas.

I’m a Coco Bolo’s guy.

Their weekend brunch menu is terrific. Good food, good drinks, good appetizers ... And there is rarely much of a line. It’s hard to beat getting an outside table on a sunny morning and eating breakfast tacos there with family and/or friends.

Of course, there are other options. If crowds and money are no object, then The Chef should probably shoot to the top of your list. But you can get stuck waiting there for hours on any given Sunday. So I don’t go there all that often.

The other place I stumbled upon by accident is Colbert’s. Not sure if they still do this or not (a friend told me it happens once a month) but, at one point, they had an all-you-can-eat brunch buffet that knocked my socks off.

Took the family there one morning not knowing what to expect and ended up eating ourselves silly. Then we hit golf balls. I will be back the next time the buffet is out.

Let me start by saying there is no wrong answer here. I’ve been to the mountains. I’ve been to the beach. They are both awesome.

But the beach is probably a little more awesome.

It’s fun during the day. It’s fun at night. It’s fun to swim in the water. It’s fun to chill in the sand. There’s no better place to drink a beer.

I would rather throwing a football around under the sun and jump over waves with my kids than just about anything.

Beaches are a lot like passes from Patrick Mahomes. They are good, even when they are bad.

Sunburns are the only flaw.

I have been going to the beach for as long as I can remember. Been to Hawaii, California, Florida and Texas. Never stayed at an all-inclusive resort. But I’m going to give a try later this month when I take the family to Mexico. I’m told they will have enough food on hand to feed my three sons 24/7, but I have my doubts.

Is Taco Bell really your favorite restaurant? My sources say it’s actually Chick-fil-a.

Gates sauce is king.

I feel weird saying that, because I don’t eat Gates very often (I’m more of a Joe’s guy) and their food has fallen considerably in my own BBQ power ratings over the years. But there’s no hating on their sauce.

I put that stuff (a little, nothing crazy) on the meat I smoke in my back yard. My wife likes it so much that she once bought Gates sauce while standing in line at Joe’s and then put it on the barbecue we ate inside Joe’s.

So I’m pretty loyal to Gates when it comes to sauce.

Another one I like comes from the Salt Lick outside Austin. The sauce has a sweeter taste and looks more orange/yellow than red. It’s a great alternative. That’s my No. 2.

Rudy’s, a barbecue chain in Texas, also makes quality sauce. I guess that’s No. 3.

But you’re right. The best BBQ is like steak — no sauce required.

I asked Gene Taylor about this a month or so ago and he said K-State still wants to make this happen. The Wildcats remain open to starting a basketball series with Wichita State.

But it takes two to tango, and I’m not sure what Wichita State’s stance is on the topic right now. The Shockers said no last year.

Simple answer: It will happen when Bruce Weber and Gregg Marshall agree to play.

I choose to answer this question with one of my favorite GIFs.

Chubba Purdy visited both KU and K-State this week. He’s also been to Louisville and Purdue. He has 21 scholarship offers and his older brother is off to a great start at Iowa State.

The Wildcats rarely beat out that much competition for recruits, but there appears to be some genuine interest here. So I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I’m all for college athletes getting a bigger slice of the pie.

Not sure what the best solution is, but the Olympic model makes sense. If athletes were allowed to profit from their likeness or get paid for signing autographs (something like that) college athletics might seem more appealing to them.

We are seeing more and more players choose to leave early for the pros with little or no hope of getting drafted, in part because they are ready to get paid. It would be nice if the NCAA could find a way to make those players want to stay in school.

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