Letters to the Editor

Letters: Global warming myth, undercover parents, waste at KCI

Global-warming myth

We are constantly being told by man-made global-warming advocates that what they believe is “settled science” and by inference anything contrary is not.

Well, even though the global-warming deniers have some facts supporting their point of view, the fact is that the term “settled science” is an oxymoron. It is not science at all.

For an idea to be considered scientific fact, it must be debated in a public and honest forum and successfully defended against serious challenges. It’s now known through hacked emails that the defenders of this idea are not only willing to fudge data to fit their theory but also to keep challengers out of scientific journals where they can be peer reviewed by qualified scientists.

How can this be considered science at all?

Robert Reimers Gardner Undercover parents

Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forté said he will have more police and undercover cops on the Country Club Plaza (2-18, A1, “Plaza chaos ‘no longer tolerated,’ chief says”).

I am asking for undercover pops and moms. They need to show up with their eyes and cameras. Get out there and see for yourselves what is going on.

These are our kids, and sometimes we need to believe in them. They are saying they are not being treated fairly.

Are they telling the truth? Go see for yourselves.

Go to all five of the areas under curfew. See whether they are being treated fairly.

They are our kids, and we must sometimes believe.

Growing up, we had one of the most famous areas in the whole world to see and be seen in. The Vine Street district. No longer can they roam there. It’s too expensive.

Let’s get our undercover pops and moms out with their eyes and cameras.

Maybe together we can help bring order to and trust in our kids. Yours and mine.

They need us. Let’s be there.

Richard G. Cushon Kansas City Challenge officials

There is a loyal opposition vocalizing concern about social and economic extremism. Thoughtful Kansans have banded with Mainstream Coalition, rallying for citizens’ rights to an education and civil and human liberties, and to maintaining separation of church and state.

But mostly we are only hoping to mitigate the most egregious laws under the weight of this GOP-engineered legislative barrage besieging Kansas.

Complex, nuanced issues have been reduced to shrieks, minimally scrutinized though widely advanced, demanding controls so Puritanical and overbearing that they ill-suit the 21st century in which we live.

Even the governor’s foot soldiers are apparently laboring under the load. Indeed, neither my representative (Republican Rob Bruchman) nor senator (Republican Jeff Melcher) ever bothers to explain his voting rationale, even when repeatedly asked. Bruchman, in fact, has been excused from voting altogether on occasion.

This laxity on the part of elected officials, who clearly and deliberately devalue their office and the people they serve, partially explains the upside-down world in Topeka. The less we see government working, the less we believe it can.

And, good citizens, we’re letting it happen.

Today I am calling out my poor excuses for representatives and holding them to account. Will you?

Leslie D. Mark Leawood Waste at KCI

Rebuilding Kansas City International Airport is the lamest idea that’s come from someone. If there were a buck to be made selling food, there would be all kinds of franchises lined up to rent space at KCI.

Most people go to the airport to get on an airplane to fly someplace or to pick up someone arriving at Kansas City. If you want to impress strangers, put up a big-screen TV at the luggage area that shows all the great things this great city has to offer.

Starting with the easy access to and from the gate, six or seven minutes from the car to security and five from luggage, people don’t need a Big Mac while standing around waiting for something to happen.

Kansas City shut down a third of KCI when it closed one terminal. Why spend more than a billion dollars for a terminal that is less convenient for passengers?

Go back to the downtown airport. For a billion-plus, you could have a really convenient airport and a spectacular flyover into the city.

Joe Purcell Kansas City Incompetent Obama

If incompetence were an Olympic event, President Barack Obama would have won the gold. Across the board and in every category, this Harvard-educated community organizer has set a new standard in how to screw things up.

If there is a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, just stand back and watch Obama. From the South China Sea to the finest health-care system in the world, calamity follows in the wake of this clueless left-winger whose primary skill is standing in front of a teleprompter telling one lie after another.

Does Obama really care about the plight of the American people? Ask former Defense Secretary Robert Gates or the many Americans who have been unceremoniously kicked off their health-insurance plans.

The United States has a problem, for sure: It’s the ends-justify-the-means philosophy of progressive liberals like Obama and creepy academic elitists like Zeke Emanuel. These folks know what’s good for you better than you do and think nothing of using the coercive power of the state to force you into submission.

Gregory H. Bontrager Hutchinson, Kan. Seeking more pay

Today, many complain of income disparity. Although it may be widening, I don’t believe the government has any moral means of rectifying it other than cutting taxes.

It worked in the 1980s, as many people, including the middle class, became wealthier. It also worked in the 1990s, when Bill Clinton cut capital gains taxes.

However, the best way to increase one’s income is to replicate the behavior of those whose income one wishes to emulate. A good portion of the wealthy got that way by inventing, manufacturing or selling a product or service to the rest of us at an affordable price.

Although some wealthy folks such as the Kennedys didn’t have to work too hard, most of the wealthy got that way by working harder/longer/smarter than the rest of us.

As for those who think they are not being paid what they think they are worth, there is a way to prove it. Tell your boss that you are not being paid enough. Then tell him/her that if you don’t get a raise of “x” percent, you’ll quit. If you’re worth what you think you are, you’ll get your raise.

Mike Sienicki Farley, Mo. End sexual assaults

As the mother of daughters headed for higher learning in a few years, I’m grateful that colleges and universities will have to work to reduce the 20 percent sexual-assault rate or risk bad publicity. From stories that have come to light, it’s clear that alcohol-related rape is, at the very least, disruptive to a student’s academic progress.

That’s no small thing. For some, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and mental health issues round out the consequence list.

The most surprising statistic cited by the White House Council on Women and Girls report is that the majority of offenders anonymously admitted to being serial rapists, averaging six rapes apiece. There are real predators on campus, not just kids who get drunk and make poor decisions to force themselves on incapacitated persons.

Going after those who commit assaults is paramount, but prevention is the gold standard, right?

Parents and teachers, let’s have all students read this report.

Potential perpetrators will know that we’re onto them and might think twice. And hopefully all kids will lose any lingering naïveté and realize that anyone they meet could be looking for that next victim.

Cathy Anderson Leawood Snow-shoveling hero

We have a hero on our block. Every time it snows, Norm Wade is out at daylight removing snow from his neighbors’ driveways.

Because he won’t accept payment, this is my way of thanking him. Norm, you’re our hero.

Roger Pierard Lee’s Summit