Letters to the Editor

Fair minimum wage, police car chases, backward thinkers

Fair minimum wage

My next pizza will be from Waldo Pizza. The owner does much more than provide a great product. He has long been a supporter of fair wages.

His respect for all employees is reflected in their loyalty and longtime happy employment at his restaurant.

The owner is not shy about his ideas. He signed the “Business for a Fair Minimum Wage” statement with owners across America.

The owner knows workers need to earn enough to buy the products or services that businesses are selling.

Henry Ford figured that out 80 years ago. It still rings true today.

Economists agree — it is more harmful for wages to fall behind the inflation rate than it is for government to set mandatory wage floors.

We need to support businesses that show respect for fellow Americans.

Harold Koch Leawood
Police car chases

When a reporter asks the police in charge what the department policy is on car chases and the police do not answer the question, it smells like a cover-up (2-19, A4, “Driver fleeing police hits car, killing mother of TV reporter”).

I ask the American people: How many of our family members have to die to change this law and police policy?

How many people have died in the last 20 years in the Kansas City area because of police chases?

Our family members want to get home safe, just as all the police officers do.

This did not have to happen.

The driver reportedly ran a red light. It cost a great lady her life.

Please help prevent this from happening again.

We can make things happen for the betterment of our families.

Florentino Camacho Jr. Kansas City Backward thinkers

Rep. Charles Macheers from Shawnee is an embarrassment to our state and to the nation (2-15, C1, “Weed out bigotry”). Supporting a bill to legalize discrimination against gays and lesbians is archaic.

This action would be the first step to drag us back in time to a period when the tolerance of the many was decided by the misguided ideology of a few.

Fascist leaders were like-minded, as were Russian czars, and unfortunately so were some of our homegrown elected officials such as George Wallace.

There is still hope for our great nation, but it is diminished every time some miscreant tries to brand us with the same lack of forward thinking he has to carry around.

I’m willing to wager he waves a Bible around, quoting very narrow passages and skipping the true meaning to justify his narrow view of the good people around him.

Tom Klotz Lenexa Obamacare problems

Obamacare is disastrous government overregulation and monopolistic private industry.

With Obamacare, the federal government requires insurance companies to cover a long list of situations for everybody.

Because of the 1945 McCarran-Ferguson Act, and a multibillion-dollar lobby enabling it still, health insurance is exempt from antitrust laws. The result is that there are few health-insurance companies providing policies in states, with no incentive to compete, affecting prices.

Obamacare says, “Charge all you want. The rich will pay it, and the rest we will subsidize.”

Obamacare has put the health-insurance beast on steroids.

We, the people, can break this monopoly.

Elect state insurance commissioners who refuse to conspire in this game or governors who will use their bully pulpits to expose the problems.

We need to break this death grip by big government/monopolistic private industry and force health-insurance companies to compete across all state lines.

Otto Rieke Shawnee Helping others

Even though it is now the law of the land, many people still do not like Obamacare.

Apparently, they lack compassion for the millions who have no health insurance and will benefit from this program.

My suggestion to those who do not want the government to help their fellow citizens is this: Turn in your Social Security card; surrender your Medicare, Medicaid and Medi-Cal; have your Supplemental Security Income and other government benefits stopped; refrain from participating in energy assistance and home weatherization programs; do not accept commodities, farm subsidies or small business loans; and so on and so forth.

If the uninsured should suffer because of your selfishness, then you should, too.

It is unpatriotic and very un-Christian for anyone to oppose helping the less fortunate.

David Shipp Castro Valley, Mo. Blame Democrats

The far-wrong party appears to be the leftist Democrats who did not listen to the Republican proposals. Obamacare was, after all, a pure Democratic-down-your-throat deal.

It is obvious that the Republicans propose a better deal. What is good for one is good for all Americans.

If we have to abide by the law and we are all to be equal under the law, then it should simply be that way. Democrats, however, seem to think that ending Obamacare would not be fair.

That position is not acceptable to me. Fair is fair, and all are equal under the law is what we should all strive for.

Thus, to blame the Republicans who stood up for fairness is wrong.

We should all be mad at Democrats.

The Republicans stand up for truth and justice for all. All that went wrong is totally blamed on President Barack Obama and the Democrats, not the Republicans.

Joe Kearns Pleasant Hill Improving Olympics

The International Olympic Committee needs to use wiser judgment in the decisions involving Olympic host cities. With the Olympics held in a volatile region, there is much danger and many distractions.

With the exception of the little things such as lodging and water, there weren’t any considerable problems in Sochi. But why put the athletes and fans at risk?

The Olympics are about the athletes competing in them. It does not make sense to send them to locations that are not fit to hold the Olympic Games.

In preparation for the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, there have been many problems.

The Olympics should be kept in countries that will keep the Games safe and make sure that everything goes well.

Hopefully, the International Olympic Committee has learned from its mistakes in Sochi and Rio.

It appears the IOC has chosen a wonderful location for the 2020 Games. Tokyo will do a wonderful job, and there will not be nearly as many issues that detract from the athletes participating.

Weston Elder Leawood Bull business

With so many commercials promoting this past weekend’s bull-riding event at the Sprint Center, I was prompted to ask myself why these bulls buck in the first place.

With a bit of research, I learned that these captive bulls are forced to wear what is called a bucking strap.

It is cinched around the abdomen of the bull and is meant to cause extreme discomfort, prompting the bull to buck in an effort to remove the strap.

Riders are also known to drive spurs into the sides of the bulls for the purpose of making the bull buck more violently.

Why do people attend an event that promotes such cruelty to the bulls just so riders can receive points on a judge’s scorecard?

As a compassionate alternative, may I suggest the mechanical bull at the local cowboy bar?

Ricky Setticase Gardner Civic pride in KCI

I’ve flown in and out of most major North American and many European and Asian cities as well as cities in Mexico and Israel. By far, the most user friendly for getting in and out is Kansas City International Airport.

True, it’s not the best airport to hang out in for five or six hours. But that’s a small price to pay for efficient movement.

Here’s a novel idea: Why don’t those business leaders who are embarrassed by our “little league” airport unite to support a moratorium on all business-tax incentives on both sides of the state line to fund the airport they’d be proud of?

Anton K. Jacobs Kansas City