Letters to the Editor

Open Kansas records, senseless slaying, streetcar to KCI

Open Kansas records

Had the police found marijuana in the Hartes’ home and charged the family with a crime, the Hartes would have access to the search warrant and supporting documents as a matter of law (2-15, A1, “Search of Leawood home sets off drive for change”).

Because the police found nothing, the Hartes have no right to understand why the government felt justified in violating the sanctimony of their home.

If the fact that Kansas is the only state shielding law enforcement from public scrutiny of intrusions into citizens’ privacy and liberty is not enough to instigate change, then the fact that presumably innocent people are afforded less protection than those charged with crimes should offend people across political lines and inspire action.

That isn’t to say that citizens accused of crimes shouldn’t have access to those documents, either. The protections against search and seizure afforded by the Bill of Rights are at the heart of our freedom.

Our commitment to those principles is best proved by rigorous application to those citizens whom we may feel least inclined to protect.

The imbalance of power between the government and an individual citizen — accused of a crime or not — is surely abused by secrecy.

Kansas needs to join the rest of the country.

Kate Merwald Lake
Quivira Gay marriage rights

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has defended his state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage by saying that 70 percent of the people voted for it.

Having a majority of the population in favor or against something has no bearing on whether it’s right or wrong.

I’m sure a majority of voters in 1850s Georgia were in favor of slavery.

Or that a majority of voters in 1950s Alabama were in favor of segregation.

Or that 1930s Germany supported anti-Semitism.

Do most of us view those positions as being right? No.

The fact that 70 percent of Kansas voters would deny a basic and cherished human right to people solely because their sexual orientation is different is a sad commentary on our society. It shows a true lack of compassion and empathy.

Who among us would want to be born into a world where the majority can tell us we can’t marry the person of our dreams? No one that I know.

We need to live in a kinder and gentler world.

We can help make this happen by granting all people the same unalienable rights.

That, I’m certain, is the right thing to do.

Chris Brethwaite Kansas City Senseless slaying

Another innocent child murdered, a 10-year-old little girl’s life viciously and brutally taken away (2-20, A1, “Tragedy strikes close to home”). The same old story will unfortunately unfold.

There will be a short time focused on this horrific crime and the overwhelming grief the little girl’s family is enduring. Then, the major shift down the line will come when this creep gets his sentence, and the total focus will be for his humane treatment (even if he gets the death penalty).

Oh, my, just how terrible it is that the last moment or two of his life will be a tad uncomfortable with the lethal injection.

Of course, all the demonstrators against the death penalty will be lined up in front of the death house sobbing their eyes out.

As usual, little thought will go to the child’s last few extremely tortured moments of life.

Then, even if the death penalty is carried out, after a few weeks all will settle, and life will go on as usual until the next child is murdered, and the cycle is repeated.

People need to stand up and get something done.

Genesis 9:6 says, “Whoever sheds man’s blood, by man his blood shall be shed.”

Donald S. Graham Kansas City Jefferson’s warning

Thomas Jefferson has been quoted as having said: “The end of democracy and the defeat of the revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.”

To prove those words correct, vote Republican and support Citizens United, the Koch Brothers and their ilk.

Martin Kaynan Olathe End global strife

How can we stop all the violence in our world? It seems all the people in charge have dismissed God and are too greedy to see what they are doing to our world.

How can we stop bad things from happening when bad people are in charge? We watch dishonesty, starvation, drugs, crime, bombings and vandalism all around the world. We see people killing in the name of God.

Is their God the devil? Can anyone explain how so many have lost their way?

This problem has become worldwide. We need a lot of help to fix this problem.

God bless mankind.

William Leroy Elwood Osceola, Mo. Streetcar to KCI

I’m against the one terminal idea for Kansas City International Airport. The money could be better spent creating a streetcar line to the airport.

Then, take the empty space now created and create businesses or small shopping areas. The city could still use the one terminal situation and bring in addition revenue from the vacant spaces.

Businesses like small eateries, convenience stores and small drugstores (non-pharmacy). I think it is a good idea, saving money for a new airport, creating a streetcar system that would bring in a lot of revenue.

Plus the businesses in the vacant areas would bring in more revenue in sales taxes for the city.

Donald Hessenflow Independence Statehouse exams

Sonograms in the Kansas Statehouse? Stranger than fiction, the stuff they are doing in the Capitol.

Stranger still are these people who have no problem looking at biblical history of thousands of years ago as truth, yet cannot see a history still truly within our grasp.

Lastly, every time the same tired abortion debate gets shoved in our faces, I find myself wondering what our legislative folks are working on behind the scenes.

A little deregulation for certain industry buddies, perhaps? Or maybe it is another tax break of some sort buried in another lengthy piece of legislation.

One thing I am fairly certain is that they are not working to find ways to make life better for the living.

They are not seeking ways to prevent the senseless deaths of innocent children killed by guns.

They are not seeking ways to ensure we have clean air and water for the children and for future generations.

They are not seeking ways to eliminate the senseless deaths of innocents by war.

No, they are looking at sonograms.

Conni Nevius Spring Hill Donovan column

How disappointing to read Derek Donovan’s Feb. 17 column, “Advocate for responsible science,” bashing organic foods, vitamin supplements and alternatives to traditional medicine.

Here’s another sheep led astray by the propaganda of the giant pharmaceutical companies and their minions, the Food and Drug Administration and the American Medical Association. They make billions pumping us full of their deadly toxins.

Is it any wonder that so many Americans are sick today?

Robert Thornhill Independence Thanks for help

I would like to express my sincere thanks to two individuals, one by the name of Holly, who stopped and attended to my sister who had been in an automobile accident. Thank you for your call and for staying with her until help arrived.

God bless these two special people.

Laurence Matson Merriam Winter joy, blues

The recent cold weather was great. I decided to store my beer on the back deck.

Every time the dog wanted out, I’d grab a beer. My wife could not understand why the dog needed to go outside so often, but seeing I was taking care of the dog, she did not question too much.

This was great until the last beer. It seems that when I ran out of beer, I did not bother to go back and let the dog in.

Now I am out of beer, and the dog sleeps in my bed.

Phil Kellogg Lee’s Summit