Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss politicians’ lies and Trump actually shooting someone

Unequal consequences

People go to jail for lying to the police, lying to the FBI, lying to the IRS, lying to a court and lying to Congress.

So why don’t politicians and their minions go to jail for lying to we the people?

- Allen Maty, Smithville

Go for broke

Republican legislators remain mostly silent after President Donald Trump was caught holding up Ukrainian military aid needed to fight the Russians until Ukraine manufactures dirt on his possible 2020 opponent. (Oct. 7, 1A, “Second whistleblower adds to impeachment peril at White House”)

This behavior is specifically forbidden in federal election law, because foreign governments are not supposed to help determine who is chosen as our president. We are the ones who make that decision — through fair elections.

After he was caught, Trump used his usual double-down technique and asked China to investigate his political opponent also.

Since it seems as if nothing Trump does is too much for the Republicans to condone, I think it’s time for the president to prove their total capitulation.

He should go to Fifth Avenue in New York City and shoot someone in the street with the cameras rolling, as he bragged he could get away with during the 2016 campaign. We could then watch the Republicans find some way to defend his actions.

What courageous heroes they are.

- David Evans, Kansas City

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