On Twitter, SungWoo Lee points out offensive Japanese flag at Kauffman Stadium

Screenshot of Fox Sports Kansas City broadcast

Royals fan SungWoo Lee became a bit of a celebrity after he visited Kansas City from South Korea earlier this summer.

You may wonder if a Royals fan from Asia has any sense of history, particularly Lee, who is 38. In his lifetime, the Royals haven’t been particularly successful.

However, Lee does know his history, as this post on Twitter shows:

Apparently, a fan or fans at Kauffman Stadium showed their support for Royals outfielder Nori Aoki by bringing a Japanese flag to Wednesday’s game. Unfortunately, it was the flag Japan used in World War II. The Rising Sun flag is known to symbolize Japan’s military, which attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941 and occupied Korea from 1910-45.

That’s something Lee pointed out on Twitter.

Others joined Lee in his displeasure:

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