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Did you smell that? KC’s foul odor last night likely came from farmlands up north

If things didn’t smell quite right to you around the Kansas City metro Wednesday evening, you weren’t imagining things.

Blame it on a fast-moving cold front.

Strong winds from the north may have brought an “agriculture” smell from farms north of here, from as far away as Iowa, the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill suggested on Twitter.

At one point, Kansas City police asked people not to call 911 because of the bad smell.

The weather service followed up with a tweet Thursday morning saying it had run a model that showed the trajectory of the air that moved into Kansas City last night and it likely came from the north.

“We can’t say for certain that was the cause,” said Jonathan Kurtz, a meteorologist with the weather service.

But it is their best theory of what happened.

The cold front moved through the area around 6:30 p.m. About an hour later calls about the odor started filtering in, he said.

Some people have pointed out that there was a musty smell, which could mean that odors from lands that flooded earlier this year were being mixed in too, he said.

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