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Storms pop up on the 4th in KC today. For fireworks displays, they’ll be hit or miss

A series of scattered showers and thunderstorms stand to threaten Independence Day plans across the Kansas City metro area.

The National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill predicts isolated to scattered showers and thunderstorms to pop up around Kansas City Thursday.

Forecasters originally predicted things would clear up in time for fireworks displays tonight.

But Scott Blair, a lead forecaster with the agency, said the storms are too erratic to pinpoint at this time.

“I don’t think we can confidently say everybody will be dry and clear by the time fireworks start launching off,” he said.

He doesn’t expect a total wash out. But it’s hard to say which of the metro’s many fireworks displays may be threatened.

“It’s just going to be these scattered hit-and-miss storms,” he said. “A lot of areas will be lucky and clear. There will be some areas that, unfortunately, sit under a thunderstorm at the time of fireworks.”

Before heading out today, holiday revelers should check the websites of local cities and organizations hosting Independence Day events: Inclement weather has already caused cancellation of the Lenexa Community Days Parade set for Old Town on Thursday morning.

Blair said today’s storms are not fast-moving and could stay put for some time.

“These are slow moving storms. A larger shower or isolated thunderstorm could stay in one spot for a solid 30 minutes before it weakens and moves somewhere else.

Aside from possibly getting drenched, people should watch out for lightning across the area.

The weather service warns that storms throughout the day in central and northwest Missouri could cause small hail and gusty winds.

“We want to make sure everybody just keeps a close eye to the sky and listens for thunder,” Blair said. “Certainly, we don’t want anybody out in the elements with lightning.

There is some good news: All those clouds should keep temperatures relatively lower than we’ve seen in recent days, Blair said.

The National Weather Service expects Kansas City temperatures to reach a high of 83 degrees today, though high humidity will push the heat index to about 90 degrees.

The weather will cool down at night with the overnight low expected to dip to 74 degrees.

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