Report: No one was wearing ‘safety device’ on sinking Missouri duck boat

No one aboard the sinking duck boat on Table Rock Lake was wearing a “safety device,” according to a new incident report released Saturday by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

The report also lists names of all 17 people who died in the lake near Branson as well as the 14 who survived the accident.

Authorities described the incident on the lake Thursday night as a “swamping.”

The report said the amphibious vehicle “entered Table Rock Lake and was overcome by high winds in a thunderstorm, causing the vessel to swamp and then sink.”

Authorities have said there were 31 people on the duck boat when it went down, including two employees and 29 passengers.

None of them is listed as wearing a “safety device,” according to the report.

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Among the survivors, five were listed as injured, including Kenneth McKee, who was identified as the person driving the duck boat on the water at the time of the incident.

The investigation into the events that led up to the duck boat sinking to the bottom of the lake has been turned over to the National Transportation Safety Board, the Stone County Sheriff’s Office said Saturday.

The report lists the survivors, with their conditions:

Tia Coleman, 34, of Indiana, moderate injuries

Gillian Collins, 15, of New Mexico, no injuries

Shayne Collins, 42, of New Mexico, no injuries

Tiffany Collins, 42, of New Mexico, no injuries

Alicia Dennison, 12, of Illinois, moderate injuries

Donovan Hall, 13, of Indiana, moderate injuries

Tayden Kimbley, 10, of New Mexico, no injuries

Talyssa Mann, 19, of New Mexico, no injuries

Cayden McDonald, 10, of Texas, no injuries

Chloe McDonald, 11, of Texas, no injuries

Tomlin McDonald, 39, of Texas, no injuries

Kenneth McKee, 51, of Missouri, minor injuries

Ronita McKinley, 64, of New Mexico, serious injuries

Loren Smith, 14, of Arkansas, no injuries