‘Upset’ KC man told he couldn’t vote while wearing his MAGA hat. But he actually can

An election worker told a Clay County man he couldn’t wear a “Make America Great Again” hat while voting in Kansas City, North on Tuesday.

But the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office said he could, in fact, wear the hat because it doesn’t pertain to this primary election, according to Tiffany Ellison, a director with the Clay County Election Board.

The man attempted to vote at the Northland Cathedral.

Ellison, a Democrat, said that after a polling worker asked the man to remove his hat, he became “upset” and “combative.” Police eventually escorted the man out, Ellison said.

He then called the Secretary of State’s Office, which said he broke no voting law.

“(The Clay County Election Board) called him to let him know he could go back up there. He thanked us and apologized for his behavior,” Ellison said.

At about 3 p.m., an observer tweeted that the man was “belligerent.”

After being asked to remove his hat, he “refused and started (to) film the voters. When told to stop, he argued with the officials,” the person wrote.

Maura Browning, the communications director for the Secretary of State’s Office, said “the determination of the county election official is laid out clearly in state law.”

Missouri law makes it a misdemeanor to wear political apparel withing 25 feet of a polling location when it pertains to a specific candidate or issue on the ballot.

The man in the MAGA hat planned to return to the polling location to cast his vote, Ellison said at about 3:30 p.m.

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