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Cleaver, Yoder help start “Village Square” chapter in Kansas City

U.S. Reps. Kevin Yoder and Emanuel Cleaver will reach across the cafeteria table today in another attempt to bring civility to political disagreement.

The pair will be at UMKC to launch the Kansas City chapter of something called the Village Square. The project — which you can read about here — is designed to bridge the gap between partisans on a range of issues and problems.

The launch will be at a noon lunch at the UMKC Student Union.

Cleaver and Yoder have long been involved in attempts to reduce the heat in political rhetoric, if not in actual votes and positions.

Cleaver is a Missouri Democrat. Yoder is a Kansas Republican.

Both are likely to be involved Thursday in the discussions with the Republican National Committee’s site selection effort for the 2016 convention.