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Jackson County Legislature puts off anti-marijuana resolution, sends it to committee

Bob Spence
Bob Spence File photo

Split along party lines, the Jackson County Legislature on Monday again avoided voting on a resolution that opposes any steps to legalize marijuana in Missouri.

It was Legislator Bob Spence’s second attempt in as many weeks to have his colleagues take a stand at a time when 18 states and the District of Columbia allow pot use for medicinal use and two others, Colorado and Washington, sanction it for recreational purposes.

But unlike last week, when his motion for approval died for lack of a second, Spence had some help keeping the measure alive. Fellow Republican Greg Grounds, who was absent last week, gave him the second he needed.

But by using parliamentary procedure, the seven Democrats put off a vote and Chairman Scott Burnett assigned the resolution to the county’s anti-drug committee where Spence, of Lee’s Summit, hopes it will get a hearing.

There is no guarantee, however, and Spence said he will continue to push to get his colleagues on record.