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Burp the bull gores Spanish bullfighter to death after he trips on his cape

Ivan Fandino
Ivan Fandino File photo

An award-winning Spanish bullfighter has died after being gored when his feet got caught in his cloak on Saturday during a festival in France.

After his feet got tangled, Ivan Fandino, 36, fell to the floor, where he was gored by the bull, according to the BBC.

He suffered punctures of his heart, lungs and kidneys, and died on his way to the hospital.

Fandino, who had been a professional for 12 years, was performing in the Aire-sur-l’Adour bullfighting festival near Pau in southwest France.

The Spaniard, from the Basque region, leaves behind a wife and daughter, the Daily Mail reports.

“It’s a tragedy,” said a shocked colleague. “We just do not know how it could have happened.”

Horrified spectators looked on as Fandino tripped and was gored by the bull — a five-year-old Balstar named Burp — which also launched him into the air.

“Ivan was caught by surprise and suffered the consequences,” said a member of the crowd, according to the Daily Mail. “People were cheering to begin with, thinking everything was under control.”

France’s Sud-Ouest newspaper said the last matador fatality in France was in 1921, when Isidoro Mari Fernando died in the arena in Béziers.

In March, Mexican bullfighter Antonio Romero was gored in the backside in Plaza Mexico and had to have reconstructive surgery on his rectum.

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