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BuzzChatter Tuesday: Rod Jetton looks back

Good morning.

• “I was isolated, and my world was over.” — former Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton to St. Louis Public Radio reporter Jason Rosenbaum on his fall from grace. (link via

Jetton was charged with felony assault and was the target of a federal grand jury investigation following his exit from the speakership in 2009. His story is now chronicled in a new book Jetton has written titled “Success Can Kill You.” The takeaway from the book: Too much success too quickly can, well, kill you.

• “It allows more time to early vote.” — Matthew Patterson, the Springfield-based director of Missouri ProVote, on an early voting initiative that would allow voters to cast ballots in Missouri for several weeks before an election.

Patterson and others say they’ve now got enough signatures to get their idea on the November ballot. A competing plan now going through the General Assembly, which is aimed at undermining the Patterson proposal, is more limited. Patterson said he doesn’t consider it true early voting. Missouri is way behind the curve when it comes to allowing early voting. Republican and Democratic secretaries of state, who are the state’s chief elections officers, have backed the idea.

• “No.” — West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat, on whether he would ask President Barack Obama to campaign for him in West Virginia if he was up for re-election this year.

Manchin didn’t allow a “Morning Joe” host to finish his question before jumping in with his answer, prompting a big round of laughter. For the record, Manchin isn’t up for election this year.

• “I have found the press to be among the most dishonest institutions. I’ve never seen anything like it.” — real estate magnate

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