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Kansas GOP files ethics complaints vs. Kultala

The Kansas Republican Party recently filed a pair of complaints against Kelly Kultala, the Democratic congressional candidate for Kansas’ 3rd District and a former state senator.

Both complaints stem from a Feb. 17 transfer of $1,000 from Kultala’s state Senate campaign committee to her congressional committee.

That transfer is illegal, the Kansas GOP says.

Kulata’s campaign said in a statement Sunday that it had resolved the issue.

“We were alerted to an issue with a transfer from the state Senate account,” Jacob Becklund, campaign manager for Kultala’s congressional campaign. “When the matter was brought to our attention, we returned the money and have resolved the issue.”

Kultala will face Republican incumbent Kevin Yoder in the November election.

The Kansas GOP filed its complaints with the Federal Election Commission and the state Ethics Commission.

The federal complaint points out that the law bars corporations or unions from donating to federal campaigns. But Kansas law allows those donations. Therefore, a transfer from a state campaign account to a federal account is barred.

The state complaint points out that Kansas law also bars such transfers.

“We will pursue both of these violations to the full extent possible,” stated Clay Barker, the lawyer for the Kansas Republican Party.

“Kultala and her campaign treasurer, former Kansas City Mayor Carol Marinovich, are not new to the political scene. These two are familiar with campaign finance laws, and we can only assume they knew full well the laws they were breaking.

“If Kultala is going to run for Congress where she would be writing the laws, she should first learn to abide by them.”