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Tea party Senate candidate Milton Wolf gets $100K in Medicare payments in 2012

Milton Wolf, Leawood
Milton Wolf, Leawood AP

U.S. Senate candidate

Milton Wolf

received $101,001 in Medicare reimbursements in 2012, a searchable

database shows


Wolf, a Republican, is challenging incumbent Sen.

Pat Roberts

in Kansas.

The Obama administration has released the payment records

for individual physicians, and several news organizations have compiled them into a database. Patient information was not revealed.

Personal financial disclosure statements show Wolf, a radiologist, earned roughly $1.1 million over a two-year period. If accurate, that suggests about 25 percent of Wolf’s income is generated by Medicare, the federal insurance program for the elderly.

(Note: Of that $1.1 million, roughly $900,000 is in salary. The rest comes from income Wolf earns as a partner in his radiology firm, and was not included in the calculation.

Over two years, Wolf averages $450,000 in salary. The $101,000 in Medicare payments is about 1/4 of that.)

Wolf, a tea party favorite, has sharply criticized the Affordable Care Act, and Medicaid, the federal-state health insurance programs for the poor.

He’s also worried about reduced payments to doctors under Medicare. From his



Medicare is insolvent and cannot keep its promises. Its own trustees estimate that the program’s unfunded obligations have ballooned to nearly $43 trillion dollars which threatens the existence of the program itself. To paraphrase economist Herbert Stein: Spending that cannot go on forever, won’t. The government’s response to this self-inflicted crisis has been to ration care and to reduce reimbursement to healthcare providers. The obvious result has been less care and fewer doctors to provide it.